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Mother and Father, Let's Teach How to Maintain Personal Hygiene in Children

Teaching children how to maintain personal hygiene is important for parents. The goal is that Little One is able to maintain a healthy body. Maintaining personal hygiene can be started at home, but also needs to be applied at school and where children are active. Basically, maintaining personal hygiene is useful for preventing Little One from developing a disease, especially if he is already in school. At this age, children do a lot of outdoor activities and interact with many people, making them more vulnerable to exposure to dirt and germs that cause disease. Come on, find out how to get children to maintain personal hygiene! Familiarize Children Maintain Personal Hygiene Some habits that Mother and Father can teach Little One to keep clean themselves are: 1. Wash your hands Teaching children how to wash hands properly and correctly, it is important to do to prevent the spread of germs that cause disease. Teach children to wash their hands by wetting their hands under running
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In addition to water, this is the choice of healthy drinks for your little one

Not only food, giving a nutrient-rich drink to Little is also no less important. Healthy drinks will support children's growth and development. Come on, find out several types of healthy drinks for children. Besides being useful to support the growth and development of children, adequate fluid needs are also useful to prevent children from dehydration. The amount of water that needs to be consumed by children aged 1-3 years is 1.3 liters per day. As for children aged 4-8 years, the recommended amount of water intake is 1.7 liters per day. Healthy Drink Choices for Children Water is the most important beverage for children, especially children whose age is more than 6 months. Water is beneficial for increasing endurance, maximizing brain work and increasing learning concentration. In addition to water, there are several types of drinks that are also important for children to consume, namely: 1. Milk The benefits of milk for children are no longer in doubt. Choose milk that

Mother, Do This to Maintain Family and Career Balance

Many women have been stuck in a difficult choice between choosing a family or career. Although balancing the two is not easy, it can still be done without sacrificing one. Basically, career women aren't the only ones who have to go to the office every day. Mothers who manage the household while starting a business at home can also be called a career woman. Mothers in this condition need family support in order to have a balanced life. The Key to Success Balancing Family and Career If you find it difficult to balance tasks at work, take care of children, and manage the household, there are several keys to successfully balancing family and career that you need to know, including: Set the schedule The first thing to do is arrange the best possible schedule and discipline to comply with it. However, the Mother who plays a dual role as a housewife and worker must be aware of stress. Try to do relaxation with meditation or yoga, to manage stress. Arrange family times and imp